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Dual-SIM phone launches in the US courtesy of... National Geographic

Chris Ziegler

We'd all but forgotten that National Geographic runs a little phone business on the side through a retailer partner, but yeah, it does -- and after a couple years of forgettable hardware, things are starting to get interesting. The idea with these guys has always been to offer SIM cards that offer global roaming at a price that has at least a fighting chance of not bankrupting you, but the problem is that with a traditional phone, you've got to replace your regular SIM card while you're using it; dual-SIM phones exist in bountiful numbers outside the US, but finding a domestic model is nigh impossible. The new Duet D888 option let's you mix up one of Cellular Abroad's roaming SIM along with a second of your own, so theoretically, you could make this your primary phone if you do a lot of traveling and hate breaking your fingernails (or your will to live) every time you want to swap cards between phones. As far as we can tell, the D888 lacks GSM 850 -- so don't expect stellar reception stateside -- but it could be enough to get you by between trips to Madagascar.

[Via CNET]

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