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Surprise! Nintendo dismisses WiiWare sales threshold as 'rumour and speculation'


Whenever a topic comes up that Nintendo doesn't want to address, the company responds with, "We don't comment on rumors and speculation." Basically, anything other than a press release or recorded statement from an executive is considered rumor and speculation. MotionPlus release date? Rumors and speculation! A new DS model? Rumors and speculation! (Well, "research and speculation," just to keep it fresh!)

And so it is with the WiiWare sales threshold story presented yesterday. A Nintendo UK spokesperson told Edge that the information was "rumour and speculation." Technically, it's true to say that -- statements from unnamed developers really are rumors, just like estimates of Wii manufacturing costs are speculation. But it's no less frustrating. Even so, it's worth noting that the rep followed up not with a denial of the payment scheme, but, "The terms, conditions and contracts between Nintendo and developers is a private and confidential matter."

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