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Toshiba dramatically increases energy density of Li-ion battery

Darren Murph

The last time we heard of lithium titanate battery technology was when learning about the £120,000 Lightning GT, and while we've no way to confirm, we're definitely hoping that the latest development from Toshiba ensures that we're talking about it far more frequently than once per year. According to a report over at Nikkei's Tech-On, said outfit has crafted a cell of a Li-ion secondary battery (aimed at electric vehicles, mainly) that sports an energy density as high as 100Wh/kg. Needless to say, the invention relies on lithium titanate for its negative electrode, and considering that Tosh is currently producing a 4.2Ah cell with an energy density of around 67Wh/kg for electric bicycles, it's easy to see what kind of improvement we're staring at. Now, if only this stuff could be applied to AA cells, our power-gulping camera flash would be forever grateful...

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