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Free Street Fighter IV 'Championship' DLC detailed

Jason Dobson

If the prospect of not having to fork over extra Zenny for Street Fighter IV's upcoming Championship mode isn't enough to put the sonic in your boom, Capcom has released additional details behind the impending DLC's April 24 release.

In addition to previously revealed features, Capcom notes that tournaments will be seeded randomly, based on player skill, with single elimination bouts and double-blind character selection helping to keep fights as fair as possible. In addition, Capcom promises that players who disconnect at the first sign of trouble will be knocked down in their tournament rank. Even better, quitters will have their disconnect percentage put on display for all to mock when the free download hyper uppercuts the PS3 and Xbox 360 later this month.

In addition to all these updates, each platform will have a specific way of interacting with the new Replay Mode:

"On the PlayStation Network, you can rate matches while you watch according to characteristics such as "awesome" or "funny." Replays are then ranked based on these vote ratings.

On Xbox Live, instead of rating the matches, you can choose to download and save your favorite replays to study the players' techniques. You'll also be able to turn on the input commands from both players to be able to review their button and joystick motions in precise detail."

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