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New 'Platinum Hits' packaging spotted in the wild, looks snazzy


Though we've yet to run into one ourselves, word on the internet street is Microsoft has quietly released new packaging for its bad economy-friendly "Platinum Hits" collection -- specifically, Gears of War. Moving decidedly away from the green and white that we've all come to know over the years, the new packaging adopts a darker tone (which may be why we've only seen it on the M-rated Gears franchise, eh?). What'll become of Viva Piñata's adorable box?!

Microsoft apparently doesn't want people to know what it's done just yet, as a representative told us, "We have nothing to announce at this time," though we did spot the banner above on, together with "Greatness is Earned," the new motto found on the Gears of War box.

To be clear: Microsoft may have changed the dress on the "Platinum Hits" version of one its key franchises but won't admit to it or explain why -- or even send us a picture. That being said, if you fine folks spot one at your local brick-and-mortar, snap a pic and send us a tip! We give great hugs as rewards!

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