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Pac-Man, meet Katamari: New Munchables trailers


Get used to it now, because you're going to read the Pac-Man / Katamari comparison a lot regarding Namco Bandai's The Munchables for Wii. Check out this latest trailer and you'll instantly see why. Essentially, the goal of the game is to eat everything in sight -- that's the Pac-Man part, see -- which in turn causes the main character to grow larger -- and there's the Katamari part. Watch closely and you'll even notice areas that require players to reach a specific size before they can be accessed, which is also similar to Katamari. The opening cinematic also shares some of Katamari's distinctive eccentricity.

On a side note, we're really digging the old-school cartoon sound effects employed by the game. They really help to offset the grisly reality that this thing is eating every living creature in its vicinity ... and it's the good guy.

[Via Go Nintendo]

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