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Take this Marvel vs. Capcom 2 Achievement list for a ride


Xbox360Achievements has just given us a bit more reason to believe that an HD Remix of Marvel vs. Capcom 2 is on the way -- or at least some kind of XBLA version. It's not hard to guess what kind of evidence would be found at that particular site: Achievements!

The site has a list of twelve Achievements for the frantic crossover fighter, worth 200 points total. Some of the challenges seem super fun, like "Berserker Barrage: Perform a 200 hit combo. (Multiplayer)" and Achievements based on creating X-Men, Street Fighter, Darkstalkers, and Avengers-only teams. We just hope, then, that these awesome achievements, and the new version of this awesome game, are real. If Capcom is able to get permission from Marvel for a re-release, we have renewed hope for its ability to deal with all the Tatsunoko license holders.

The retailer ShopTo reportedly provided another item of evidence, in the form of listings for a "Marvel Vs. Capcom Tournament Edition Arcade Stick" for Xbox 360 and PS3, to be released in July. The listing has been removed from the site, and Mad Catz hasn't responded to our inquiries about it.

We've embedded the character select music after the break in case you've managed to get it out of your head in the nine years since the game's original release.

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