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The Daily Grind: Truth or Consequences

Shawn Schuster

Today's The Daily Grind is a bit of a personal pet peeve of mine, as I've been seeing this happen more frequently in the world of gaming journalism. I'm speaking of the growing practice of breaking NDAs. Not only is this something practiced by beta testers more and more frequently, as Johnny Blogger decides it's okay to brag about this shiny new beta he's in, but "professional" game journalism sites are joining in the fun more frequently by revealing embargoed information the day before the embargo actually lifts.

Where this really chaps my hide is when there are no consequences for it. The larger gaming sites can get away with this, and the game studios will continue to give them the exclusive information because of traffic numbers. No consequence equals repeated NDA breaks. So my question to you, Massively readers, is if this bothers you as well. Sure, it's great to get the info a bit earlier than you were meant to, but it's a question of integrity here. Should there be harsh consequences for those sites or blogs that break their beta NDA? Oh, and don't even get me started on those large-name gaming sites that don't even play the games they discuss. Seriously, don't.

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