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Sony: Survey not a guarantee of Blu-ray release of PS2 God of War games

Based on the 220 comments which materialized on last week's post about a survey which hinted at the possibility of Blu-ray re-releases of the first two God of War games on the God of War III collector's edition, we're guessing there's a fair amount of interest in seeing a revival of these two classic god-murdering sims. However, Sony representatives recently made a statement that will likely send your hopes crashing to the ground faster than a brutally de-winged Icarus.

Speaking to Kotaku, SCEA representatives attempted to lower the expectations of their fanbase, stating, "It is simply a marketing survey. The goal of it is to do focus group testing." They added, "if that was the number one requested thing, that would be something they would need to see if that was most technically feasible," but explained that they've yet to see God of War II run off of a Blu-ray disc. We sure hope they figure it out -- we're already drowning in collectible keychains and statuettes over here.

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