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Siege the shores of Agon with Darkfall's brigantine class ship


In a game like Darkfall, it's hard to get people to fess up to owning powerful weapons of war. But if you're Paragus, you'll find ways to get the information out to the public on some of Darkfall's coolest features. This time he's gotten to tour the deck of one of Darkfall's larger ships, the brigantine, thanks to the invitation of The Mercs and Rainbow Ninja clans.

Equipped with 8 cannons, a small captain's cabin, and a crew of angry siegers, Paragus was able to see the ship in action from the main deck as the clans took on a shoreline city. The cannons, which hit with the damage of a handheld siege hammer but fire from a range greater than that of most defensive cannons, pounded the city from afar and wrecked defenses.

Even if you're not a rabid Darkfall enthusiast, the look at naval combat presented in the article is a good read for anyone interested in general PvP warfare. For the full story, check it out over at Paragus's blog at

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