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Black Prophecy's musical composers Dynamedion interviewed

James Egan

Is the music in a game an important aspect of the play experience for you? If you've answered yes, you might be interested in a recent interview we came across at The Prophecy Network with Tilman Sillescu, musician and co-founder of Dynamedion, a company responsible for the soundtrack composition and sound design of many video games in Europe.

One of their latest projects has been to create the soundtrack for the sci-fi MMO Black Prophecy. Sillescu gives some background into the process of composing music for games and you don't need to be a music major to follow along. He discusses what they did over the 10 months spent working on the project which Sillescu describes as 'epic and orchestral.' "We had many people working on the music: 4 composers, 3 orchestrators, a 70-piece orchestra and a 20-piece choir, conductor, solo instrumentalists, recording engineer, sound mixer," he says. "So we went to great expense to realize an optimal soundtrack for the game."

There's an extra included with the Dynamedion interview at The Prophecy Network, an mp3 of Black Prophecy's epic battle music which was used in the recently released cinematic trailer.

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