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Palm OS looking to go out with a bang, unlocked Centro launches in two new colors

Chris Ziegler

Say what you will about Palm OS, but the idea of a new smartphone -- regardless of platform -- for under $200 unlocked is still a somewhat novel (and extremely attractive) concept. The Pre might be garnering 99.999 percent of the attention being thrown Palm's way these days, but the lil' ol' Centro -- the phone that helped popularize the concept of a low-end consumer smartphone and kept the money flowing at Palm headquarters just long enough to get webOS ready for launch -- is still on sale, and it's ready to make one last splash before riding off into the long-overdue technological sunset. Along with the previously available Glacier White, you can now help yourself to the unlocked GSM version of the device in your choice of Ruby Red or Cobalt Blue, a color that had previously launched in Latin America. For $199.99, it's a tough deal to beat; just be mentally prepared to get emulated into oblivion in a few weeks. Nothing personal, we promise.

[Via Palm Infocenter and TreoCentral]

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