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Qtv launching IPTV service on ... PlayStation 2

Qtv unveiled plans to push its "all-in-one" streaming media player to home consoles at the National Association of Broadcasters trade show (NAB 2009), held yesterday in Las Vegas. While other streaming services exist in the current console market, Qtv will begin testing the service in the U.S. using the PlayStation 2 as its base platform, with plans to move to newer consoles at a later time.

Included in the Qtv package is access to YouTube and other streaming video services, as well as Internet radio. The Qtv media player will also allow users to grab and share content -- such as pictures, music and videos of various formats (DivX, h.264, XviD and more) -- from other compatible devices. With the service set to launch later this year, Qtv plans to turn PS2 users into HDTV set-top owners for "less than $50." An interesting proposition ... if we could remember which of our younger relatives we gave our system to.

[Via Engadget]

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