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Touch Diamond updates come in twos -- at least, these ones do

Chris Ziegler

Hey, you... yes, you, the Touch Diamond user over there -- listen up. If you'd take your eyes off the Touch Diamond2 for five seconds, we could point you in the direction of a couple fixes for your still-awesome phone that might give it a little more staying power for you and keep your hard-earned dollars (or pounds, euros, whatever) stowed in your pocket for at least a few weeks or months longer. First up, we've got a hotfix for eradicating skipping audio, which is about the most annoying thing imaginable when you're trying to chill out to some tunes, drift away, and just forget the Touch Diamond2 for a few frigging minutes, right? Next up -- and this probably isn't something you've ever noticed -- there's another hotfix for fixing an incorrectly grayed-out Repeat option in the Sound & Notifications control panel. Go on, make it happen.


Read - Hotfix for skipping during audio playback
Read - Hotfix for resolving grayed out Repeat option for reminders

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