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Christie's LW650 projector tilts and shifts itself out of less-than-ideal placement

Steven Kim

A little bit of keystone distortion during a PowerPoint has never bothered us too much, let alone an off-center placement, but if your boardroom won't tolerate such things then Christie wants to show you its new LW650 projector. The 1366x800 pixel, 3LCD beamer delivers 6500 lumens with a 2500:1 contrast ratio, but its real calling card is the lens shift technology (motorized, we assume) that will allow users to achieve undistorted images without resorting to any resolution-wasting digital corrections. Christie is promising a wide range of lenses that span several throw distances, so it's safe to assume that at least one short-throw option will be in there so you can hop on the bandwagon. Ping your Christie rep for a quotation, as retail pricing info hasn't been released.

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