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Spoilers: Further Algalon the Observer details

Alex Ziebart

Again, this post contains spoilers for the raid dungeon Ulduar. If you don't want to be spoiled, do not read further or watch the attached video. You have been warned.

Yesterday we posted up a preview of the first glimpse of Algalon the Observer courtesy of Wraith on EU-Ysondre. Now we come with video (which you can see under the cut below or by clicking the picture above) from EU-Ravencrest's Underground Kosmonavts. It's brief and you don't get to see much, but it still shows Algalon in motion. His intro takes up a majority of the video, and I expect that intro will be a point of frustration for guilds trying to learn him. Have 10 minutes left to kill him for the week, and he takes 1-2 minutes to jabber on about reorigination? Yeah, that'll drive ya nuts.

MMO-Champion also has a list of Algalon's abilities, though we don't have much context in which to put them yet. The only context I need, though? They look really, really painful.

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