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Engadget is looking for a lead designer / developer!


You guys may not know this, but we have some really, really cool stuff coming up in the world of Engadget -- and not just on the editorial front. In fact, we're currently looking for a salaried, full-time designer with backend / developer chops to join us in the creation and maintenance of said cool stuff. If you're an incredibly smart, talented, hard-working human that loves Engadget, happens to have killer design sense, and knows their way around a screen full of code -- we'd like to speak to you. Keep in mind that we'll only be looking at candidates with a portfolio, and we're going to be seriously scrutinizing the work that we see. Read on for a list of our requirements.

  • Must have a great eye -- first and foremost -- and an innate understanding of art / culture / design and how they intermingle
  • Must have strong graphic design fundamentals, with attention given to UI and workflow
  • Ability to quickly troubleshoot, and build upon, existing designs and web apps
  • Must have excellent general troubleshooting skills, and must be able to solve problems creatively
  • Ability to produce custom, solution-oriented web applications for internal use
  • Ability to quickly produce clean code that adheres to current web standards
  • Must have experience in a variety of CMSs
  • Should possess a start-up mentality and work ethic (long days and nights, lots of pressure)
  • Must work well on a team
  • Must have a solid portfolio (seriously)
  • Preferred location in NYC or nearby on the east coast

Expert proficiency in:
  • X/HTML
  • CSS
  • XML
  • Javascript
  • AJAX
  • jQuery Library
  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • Web Standards
  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator

Be sure to include links to resumes and portfolios / previous work. You can email us resumes, but don't send attachments. If you're a web design firm -- don't email us. We're looking for individuals.

We also apologize, but the sheer volume of applications makes it difficult to respond to everyone. If we're interested we'll get in touch, and thanks in advance!

To apply to Engadget, please send us an email at jobsATengadgetDOTcom with the words "lead designer" in the title.

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