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Hualu UCG501 MID packs everything but a release date


Well, here's an interesting little number. While there's little in terms of actual specifics, this new UCG501 MID from China's Hualu does make a lot of bold promises, including a purported "high-performance integrated graphics card," built-in GPS, some mobile TV of some sort, CDMA2000 connectivity, built-in Bluetooth, a "high capacity" 4700 mAh battery, and even a built-in optical mouse (yeah, we're still trying to figure out how that last one's supposed to work too). Of course, there's no word of a price or release date just yet, nor is there any evidence that it is anything more than a prototype at the moment -- and, judging from the unit display, one that either lacks an accelerometer or has a not entirely functional one.

[Via Pocketables]

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