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Advent Children Complete sells 274k, FFXIII demo pushes PS3 to top of sales chart

We hate to spoil your dependable Sunday evening treat, but we thought the pointy-haired RPG enthusiasts amongst you would want to hear a remarkable Squeenidos statistic -- in its launch week, the Blu-ray version of Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Complete, which contains a demo for Final Fantasy XIII, sold 274,774 units in Japan. We can't wait to see how well Advent Children Totally Completer fares.

The demo-infused movie's strong opening did more than line the pockets of Square Enix -- it also bolstered PS3 sales in Sony's home territory, giving the system a week-over-week increase of around 42,000 units. We know one third-party developer that's back on Sony's Christmas card list.

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