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ESA's head lobbyist bails in under four months


An ESA spokesperson has confirmed to Joystiq that Jennifer Manner, now former head lobbyist for the ESA, is no longer with the association. Manner joined the group in late February of this year, signing on as "government relations head" (government lobbyist) and, according to the National Journal, "didn't appear to have extensive Capitol Hill or administration experience."

Advertised as a "long-time Democrat," Manner may have butted heads with current ESA CEO Mike Gallagher, a "former Bush administration official," GamePolitics hypothesizes. We're not sure of the full story just yet but we should point out that the ESA website mentions nothing of the loss and isn't advertising at the moment for someone to fill her spot, saying, "Currently there are no job openings at the ESA." Oh aren't there?

[Via GamePolitics]

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