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Famitsu, retailers say Bethesda publishing Wet

Jason Dobson

It looks as if Wet has finally have emerged from the murky waters of publishing limbo, though the likely reveal comes from the unlikeliest of sources. The latest issue of Japanese mag Famitsu, according to Siliconera, lists Bethesda as the publisher behind the Western-developed, stylish third-person shooter, which has been without a champion since being cast off in the wake of last year's Activision-Vivendi merger.

In addition, several online retailers, including Amazon, Gamefly and CD Universe also claim that the action romp has been picked up by the Fallout 3 crew. However, there seems to be some disagreement on when the game will arrive at retail. According to Amazon, Wet will ship on August 31, while both Gamefly and CD Universe expect the game to arrive on September 30 and 31 respectively.

Whatever the case, it seems probable that Wet has found a new home among the publisher's traditionally RPG-heavy catalog. While still unofficial, we've reached out to Bethesda in hopes of toweling off any additional information.

Source -- Bethesda gets Wet
Source -- Bethesda Softworks Rescues Wet

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