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Famitsu crowns Hideo Kojima, Monster Hunter with timely 2008 awards


They say that the Japanese are known for their impeccable respect of timeliness. So why is it that leading Japanese mag Famitsu is revealing its 2008 Game of the Year winners now? Here are some highlights:
  • Person of the Year -- Hideo Kojima
    This is a man that not only has time to pen the complex and convoluted script behind Metal Gear Solid 4, but will star in weird videos meant solely for fanboys. That's a man you can respect.
  • Rookie Title Prize -- The Last Remnant
    Perhaps "rookie" is a good word to use for Square Enix's RPG that almost played at a respectable framerate on a system that almost sold well in Japan.
  • Innovation Prize -- Wii Music
    This game innovated by being the first Nintendo-developed Wii game that didn't sell billions of copies.
  • Game of the Year & Best Seller Prize -- Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G
    We love it when "best selling" means simply "the best." In America, the best game of 2008 is Wii Play.
For the complete list of Famitsu's 2008 winners, visit 1UP.

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