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Let the Wookiee win in Threat of Peace issue #5

Kyle Horner

When creating an "Awesome Star Wars Meal" make sure you remember to add in a heaping helping of Wookiees, explosions and Bounty Hunters. Do this, and you'll have a winning formula to keep your readers/watchers/players interested in whatever it is you may be planning for their entertainment future.

Of course, make sure that you deliver on this stew with a main course that really packs of satisfying punch. You wouldn't want the rapid anger of a Star Wars fan to leap onto and assault your body in a fit of moist, fisty rage. Most, if not all of these cases do not end well, and require severe levels of ultimately fruitless medical attention.

Nobody wants that.

You can find issue five (and it's previous issues, of course) over at the official Star Wars: The Old Republic website. Enjoy.

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