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Skyhook CEO mentions Sony Ericsson X2 in passing

Chris Ziegler

In an interview with GigaOM, it seems that the founder and chief exec of Skyhook Wireless -- the innovative geolocation clearinghouse whose database is used by the iPhone, among others -- may have let the cat out of the bag on Sony Ericsson's next WinMo set. Of course, it's no big secret that SE would be looking to follow on the XPERIA X1 at some point, but details have been virtually nonexistent; here, Skyhook's Ted Morgan mentions that his company lost out on a contract to power the WinMo-based X2's location-based platform to Google because... well, Google's free. That's as good of a confirmation as any that we've heard -- now, we just need an official announcement and some pretty pictures.


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