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Ignition and Tecmo localizing 'Winds of Nostalgio'


Hey, remember Winds of Nostalgio, the Matrix Software/Red Entertainment-developed RPG that Tecmo published in Japan last winter? Don't worry, we had forgotten about it too. But Ignition Entertainment didn't -- the publisher is partnering with Tecmo to release the RPG in North America this September, under the simpler title of Nostalgia.

Afraid it's just another RPG? Here's the description from the press release. "Set in an alternate-reality
version of 19th-century Earth, Nostalgia casts you as Eddie, a headstrong Londoner who amasses a group of memorable companions to traverse the world in his steampunk-inspired zeppelin." It features both turn-based combat with monsters and airship battles.

Ignition seems to be stepping up its game with stuff like this and Muramasa. Is this the influence of new Business Development director Shane Bettenhausen?

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