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Red Steel 2 goes to the Wild West, adds MotionPlus support


Red Steel 2 is real ... and it's not really what we were expecting. The June 2009 issue of Nintendo Power will feature Ubisoft's Wii-exclusive sequel, and the cover reveals two things:
  • MotionPlus makes wielding the sword feel "as real as you'd always dreamed!"
  • Red Steel 2 seems to take place in the Wild West ... with swords. WTF?
Now, before you freak out, let's not forget that the Wild West and the East have merged together quite successfully in the past. If Red Steel 2 turns out anything like the Charles Bronson / Toshiro Mifune mashup Red Sun, it should be the best game ever made. Check out the cover after the break.

[Thanks, Fernando Rocker]

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