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Around Azeroth: How the mighty have fallen


TOO SOON! YOU HAVE AWAKENED ME TOO SOON, EXECUTUS! WHAT IS THE MEANING OF ... wait a minute. You're not my Majordomo. You're a small orcish child wearing a rather garish hat. Why am I sitting atop a mound of collapsed cake? And why are there sparkles everywhere? By Sargeras, did I finally agree to do one of those kid's birthday parties that Hakkar is always pestering me about? Sure, I'm hard up for work these days, but there's something undignified about an elemental lord popping out of a mound of cake. I must have been plastered when I took this job. Oh well. Might as well play it up and give the kid her two pairs of pants so I can go home and sink into a six-pack of the finest Dark Iron Reserve. YOU, INSECT! TASTE THE FROSTING OF SULFURON!

(Thanks to Elder Nindle of Moonglade-EU for the Ragnaros pic, enhanced with an Elune's Candle!)

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