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Madden NFL 10 to feature new Pro-Tak mode, faster ways to play


EA just passed along some new screens and details for Madden NFL 10, and it looks like Tiburon is really working hard to make this year's edition stand out. One of the biggest improvements to the game is the Pro-Tak feature, which provides more dynamic tackling on the defense, better evasion maneuvers for the Quarterback, and allows players to fight for fumbles at the bottom of the pile. Defenders can even gang up on an offensive player, allowing up to 9-man gang tackles.

There will also be a new way for you to decrease the length of a game through the Madden NFL Your Way feature. This is a customizable version of the game that will support a new, revamped play calling system, along with faster clocks, and streamlined presentation.

Madden NFL 10 will tackle retail on August 14, 2009.

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