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New Prototype trailer examines mission types, sword-arming


With only two short months until its North American release, over the top action game Prototype got a new trailer today. Before you read any further, you must know this: Yes, you are able to mow down "infected" enemies (read as: zombies) using the (pilotable) helicopters. Finally!

Now that we've gotten that out of the way, in the trailer above, Prototype's executive producer Tim Bennison explains the various mission types you'll be playing. Between "shank dude then appear as him" and "chase giant monster through the city" (clearly the official names), we're hoping the game has enough variation to keep us interested. But, then again, we could always just run up a building and then glide down to the ground off the side of it, killing helicopter pilots on the way down, in mid-air.

Yeah, maybe we'll do that instead.

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