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Rumor: Sony to unveil new motion-sensing controller at E3


Sony may already have a motion-sensing controller, but it's shaped like a regular controller instead of a stick -- and that's just not what's hot with the kids right now. Gametrak's working on a third-party motion controller for the PS3, but Sony might just beat the company to it.

Rumors (and patents) of a camera-based motion controller (or some other variant) have been popping up since the console's launch. Those rumors may finally become truth this month, according to this ... additional rumor! The Cut Scene reports that, according to "sources," Sony is set to officially unveil this new device at E3, which is already the venue for some rumored new Sony hardware! How exciting! To be honest, the new device could still be shaped like a regular controller, but include pointing.

According to The Cut Scene's shadowy informant, the prototype closely resembles one of the patents, meaning that it used a small camera to track the movement of multiple LEDs on a controller. It's basically a Wiimote in reverse, with one important distinction: "Because the camera can read different color lights and the shape and angle of each light, it's much more accurate than the Wii-mote. It can track precise movements, including along the Z axis (pushing toward and away from the TV; something the Wii is really bad at) as well as velocity."

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