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Japan, China talking about tie-up for 3G and LTE networks

Chris Ziegler

China's still thrashing between selecting a global standard and its homegrown TD-SCDMA tech for 3G data, but new talks between China and Japan -- at the very highest levels of government, no less -- could help resolve that. A summit between the nations' prime ministers last week had the subject of network co-development on the docket, with both 3G and 3.9G (one of the many, many names used to describe NTT DoCoMo's early flavor of LTE) technologies up for discussion. Japan plays second fiddle to its European, South Korean, and American rivals when it comes to penetrating the gargantuan Chinese mobile market, and we've no doubt they'd like to make some inroads; getting the country to ultimately abandon TD-SCDMA altogether, though, might be a challenge.

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