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The Daily Grind: Are you still a collector?

The other day we got the early details on the Jumpgate Evolution special collector's edition packaging, and what players will (potentially) be getting when they crack open the box. That said, over the time we've all been writing here, we've heard many people grumbling about how they bought the Collector's Edition of this game or that game, only to find that the game either wasn't what they expected - or in the case of a few games - it was totally shut down.

This morning we thought we'd ask - with all the great MMOs slated to come out this year: Jumpgate Evolution, Champions Online, etc. will you be picking up a Collector's Edition for any of them? Or have you burned out on the CEs, and instead will be picking up a regular box copy? Maybe you're just over spending the cash on special editions and would rather spend it on energy drinks to go with your shiny new game?

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