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Cam footage of TMNT: Turtles in Time remake spotted

Jason Dobson

If recent news of an upcoming remake of arcade classic Turtles in Time wasn't enough to make you scream Cowabunga then, well ... congratulations, you're dead inside. For everyone else, some footage of the game has surfaced and, provided you can keep your breakfast down after the video's shaky-cam style, should give you an early taste of just what to expect.

Turtles in Time marks the second Konami oldie lined up for a makeover in as many months, following April's reveal of a new Vandal Hearts for PSN and XBLA. While some of us would have much preferred a remake of the NES original TMNT, given that game's crushing difficulty we doubt many gamers today would have survived that particular ride aboard the Technodrome's wayback machine.

[Via Gamervision; thanks, Fernando]

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