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MSI readying 14-inch X-Slim X400 laptop

Darren Murph

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Ruh roh -- looks like MSI's about to pull an ASUS. While the introduction of a few good X-Slim laptops is find and dandy, we're already starting to lose count of 'em. Aside from the X320, X340 and X600, the outfit is apparently readying a 14-inch variant that will be tagged X400. The news was outed at a company event over in Japan this weekend, and while details outside of the diagonal screen size were short, we can probably expect it to hum along on a CULV (Consumer Ultra Low Voltage) chipset and be just as sexy as its more diminutive counterparts. If we were betting folks, we'd probably expect an official specifications sheet to hit just in time for Computex. Right, MSI?

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