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Celery lets Gran tweet from the fax machine

Nilay Patel

You may not have heard of the Celery fax-to-email service for the elderly in the past, but now that the company's rolling out Twitter and Facebook integration we'd bet it's the hottest ticket on the 4PM dinner scene -- Nanna's always had a thing for Ashton, after all. Built around a Lexmark fax machine (or your own, if you have one) the Celery service allows the computer-illiterate to send and receive emails, tweets, and Facebook status messages by simply writing down messages and faxing 'em out -- incoming messages can be printed out individually or in digest form to cope with volume. Add in a dash of RSS integration and hell, you've basically got the world's clunkiest netbook on your hands. Yep, interesting, but we'd almost rather pay the $14 / month service fee to make sure Nan never, ever sees our Facebook or Twitter pages.

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