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Nokia E63 getting goth makeover

Chris Ziegler

The E63's always going to play second fiddle to its older, sexier brother, the E71 -- but it certainly doesn't help anyone take the phone seriously when it's only available in playful, non-neutral colors. Don't get us wrong, blue and red both suit this phone well -- but if you're going to take it into a board meeting, you might want something that's not going to turn heads and distract the suits from that fabulously interesting PowerPoint presentation on third-quarter financial projections. To that end, it seems that Nokia Europe is prepping a blacked-out version of the low-cost business device, though it's not clear when or where you might be able to pick it up. Speaking of blacked-out Nokias, you feeling any heat over there, E71x?

[Via Symbian-Guru]

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