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The Guild renewed for third season, beginning late summer

Jem Alexander

As if there was any doubt, the Hollywood Reporter writes that Felicia Day's hit online sitcom, The Guild, has been renewed for a third season, courtesy of Microsoft. The third season will contain twelve episodes and will begin in "late summer," with a sneak peek available at this year's San Diego Comic-Con. As part of the agreement with Microsoft, episodes will once again be made available on Xbox Live and Microsoft's online video portal.

Felicia Day is currently in the process of writing the episodes, with plans to begin production in June. With regards to the plot, cards are being kept very close to Day's chest, though she has said that "the cliffhanger in Season 2 is pretty dramatic, and the repercussions of that will be felt by the guild [in season 3]. Expect a lot of real-life distractions for the characters and some hurt feelings from the last season."

We'll be there with bells on. In the meantime, The Guild fans can pre-order the season 2 DVD at Amazon in preparation for its May 19 release.

[Via @Feliciaday]

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