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Samsung prepping a 3G bounty for T-Mobile this year

Chris Ziegler

It's not clear how people manage to score so many good pictures of phones that aren't scheduled for announcement -- much less release -- for months, but who are we to complain? Some crafty dude over on TmoNews' forums is showing off much of Samsung's 2009 lineup for T-Mobile, and the first fantastic bit of news here is that everything we're seeing is apparently 3G; that's a good sign that T-Mobile's confident enough about its AWS buildout to start transitioning its lineup to 3G en masse, and plump 3G lineups always makes us happy. Anyhow, we've got the Gravity 2 here your choice of red or orange, the 20-key t349 candybar, and that's not all we've got for you QWERTY and half-QWERTY fans -- there's an unnamed clamshell here (pictured) that'll be available in two colors. Finally, there's a supposedly low-cost full touchscreen device looking a little bit like a cross between a Cookie and an Instinct s30 that's running TouchWiz and features a 3 megapixel camera. No Android stuff here, though the lucky poster says that he believes the device will be the i7500 and won't be available until November -- a bummer if true.

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