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Sega swag up for grabs this Friday (includes MadWorld, NiGHTS stuff)


Prepare thy selves, Twitter fiends, as @SEGA is giving away goodies as part of its #FreeStuffFriday. The items up for the taking are:
  • MadWorld Wii decal set, soundtrack CD and poster signed by the PlatinumGames team.
  • OutRun Online Arcade t-shirt (size large) and free game code.
  • Bleach Kon plushie and Nintendo DS stylus.
  • Nights: Journey of Dreams soundtrack CD sampler, wristband and a SEGA sweet.
  • Football Manager "Gameplay > Polygons" t-shirt (size large) and a SEGA lip balm.
  • A grow-your-own venus fly trap plant and a SEGA lip balm.

To win the items, Twitter users need to follow @SEGA, which will follow them in return. During Friday, the account will announce the package, along with a "special code phrase." The first follower to direct-message the phrase will win the pack. Sounds simple enough ... unless the "fail whale" shows up.

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