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Big franchises boost Capcom's net sales 10%


Capcom's financial report for fiscal year 2008 reveals that the company seems to have found a way to protect itself against the recession: sequels. Net sales for FY 2008 came to 91.8 million yen, up 10.6% from 2007, an increase that Capcom attributes to its massive franchise releases.

Following the sales numbers, Capcom names the games that drove the growth. It refers to Resident Evil 5 as a "mega hit with the first shipment of over four million copies worldwide." According to the report, this game and Street Fighter IV "served as the sales growth engine overseas."

In Japan, Monster Hunter Freedom Unite continued to sell throughout FY 2008, in high enough numbers that both MHFU and its lower-price re-release get separate mentions in the document. If it does well in North America, it could appear on a third year's financial report!

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