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'World's Best DJ' last in the world to get on DJ game bandwagon


Armin van Buuren may be the "best DJ in the world," but now he's also the guy who picked the wrong time to jump into the DJ-game market. Foreign Media Games is publishing a Wii-exclusive game featuring Van Buuren's music, called Armin Van Buuren - In the Mix, due out this fall.

The Cloud 9-developed music game will allow players to remix Van Buuren's music, including previously unreleased tracks, with "effects and loops." In addition to Van Buuren's work, the game will feature music from guest artists. There's no mention of a special controller, and the press release makes mention of utilizing "Wii functionality," which is probably the Wiimote. Maybe this game can distinguish itself from the others by not using a wacky controller, and thus being affordable.

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