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Poll: Is Star Trek better at an IMAX or a DLP theater?

Ben Drawbaugh

With all the buzz about the new Star Trek movie -- IMDB of 8.2 and at #82 of all time already -- we might actually head to the theater to check it out instead of just waiting and enjoying it on our HDTV at home. So we're wondering: Which is the better movie going experience, IMAX or DLP, for an HD Snob? Now there is little doubt that DLP is the way to go when a movie is created with a digital camera like the RED, but Star Trek was filmed the old fashioned way with Kodak 35mm film (Kodak Vision2 100T 5212, Vision2 500T 5218 to be exact). At the same time IMAX is a no brainer when there are IMAX filmed sequences in the movie like in the case of The Dark Knight. So considering that to present Star Trek on either IMAX and DLP requires some sort of conversion, we wonder which is the best way to go?


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