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Capcom inks soundtrack deal over Bionic Commando, more

Jason Dobson

With a great mechanical appendage, Capcom has reached out and penned a deal with game soundtrack engine Sumthing Else Music Works to bring music from Bionic Commando, as well as other titles, to CDs, Sumthing's own digital distribution channel, Sumthing Digital, and iTunes.

In addition to the king of swing, the agreement will find six other titles from Capcom's catalog getting the soundtrack treatment, including recent releases like Street Fighter IV, Resident Evil 5 and Dead Rising: Chop Till You Drop, as well as upcoming games such as Dark Void, Spyborgs and Monster Hunter Freedom Unite. No release dates for any of the soundtracks have been released. However, given that we're unable to get the catchy tunes heard while swinging through Bionic Commando's recent demo out of our heads, that's one we'll certainly be keeping an ear out for soon.

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