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Greg Canessa leaves PopCap for Blizzard, working on online project


Just two short years after Greg Canessa left his position as group manager of Xbox Live to try his hand on more casual fare at PopCap, he is once again jumping ship -- -- this time to Blizzard Entertainment, masters and commanders of online powerhouse World of Warcraft. Our trusted source tells us he's working on an "unannounced project in the online space," allegedly joining forces with VP of game design at Blizzard, Rob Pardo.

Has Mr. Canessa snagged one of the two open positions working on the "fifth, unannounced Blizzard project" advertised recently on the company's website? Could he be working on porting Bookworm to World of Warcraft, making the PopCap games within Blizzard games trifecta complete? We've asked for comment from both PopCap and Blizzard and hopefully one of those two will help shed some light on Mr. Canessa's next project.

Update: Garth Chouteau of PopCap PR got back to us and confirmed Greg Canessa's move to Blizzard, saying, "We are sorry to see him go and we wish him the very best. It's been a pleasure working with him and his move is largely predicated on it being a big personal and professional opportunity for him. This isn't going to have any material impact on our console presence and our strategy with respect to the consoles and the DS and the areas that Greg was heading up. We're still very committed to those."

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