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iPhone Peggle priced $4.99


PopCap has confirmed with Joystiq that Peggle will be priced at $4.99 when it launches tomorrow in the App Store for iPhone and iPod Touch. The "nickel bag" will include a single nugget, the original Peggle, with the potential to sprinkle on additional content through DLC support once iPhone OS 3.0 is released. It's a familiar high, but the iPhone version does deliver with all of the original content (not Nights), adding a double-tap zoom view and scroll wheel for precision aiming on the device's relatively tiny screen, plus redesigned, touch-based menus -- not to mention "trophies" to keep you chasing that elusive dragon.

Stay tuned for our full review of Peggle for iPhone -- just as soon as we *ahem* sober up. In the meantime, head past the break for a video preview courtesy of UGO.

Update: PopCap must have grown tired of the repeated calls and hangups from users fans, as it has gone ahead and released the game a day early. (app store link)

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