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Firmware roulette: Storm build allegedly fails Verizon's testing

Chris Ziegler

Why other CDMA carriers can seamlessly roll out newer builds of the Storm's firmware without fanfare or drama when Verizon can't is beyond us, but for whatever reason, Big Red's been totally unable to put its finger on a build that it has liked lately. First we heard they'd been eyeing, then we heard they were learning toward 141 -- and now, who the hell knows, because the latest rumors claim that 141 has failed validation. Ominously, it seems that no game plan has yet been put in place to succeed 141 in the official roadmap, so it's unclear whether they'll be looking at continuing down the 4.7 path or moving straight to 5.0. One way or another, it goes without saying that Verizon's version of the 9530 needs new software -- so if you haven't yet, you might want to consider nabbing one of the countless leaked builds rather than waiting for your carrier to get its butt in gear.

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