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Frogster announces plan to stream Runes of Magic

Lesley Smith

IGN is reporting that Runes of Magic's publisher Frogster America have today announced plans to partner with BitRaider in order to steam the game and make it more accessible to players. The announcement was made at LOGIN '09 and means gamers will no longer have to wait hours for a game client to be downloaded and patched. Streaming will allow them to start enjoying the game while additional content downloads in the background. The BitRaider version of the game client will be made available in a few weeks time.

"The biggest barrier to even wider adoption of free-to-play online games is the time it takes from when you start downloading the game, to when you get in and play,"
Lars Koschin, CEO of Frogster America, Inc. explained. "We understand that people want to be able to get into a game as quickly as possible, and that is why we are working with BitRaider to make Runes of Magic the first free-to-play title to use the technology. We believe that by reducing the download and installation process to less than five minutes on most systems, we'll see a rapid increase in players coming to the game."

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