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Ask Engadget: Best Guitar Hero / Rock Band axe?

Darren Murph

Are you ready for this? No, seriously -- can you handle yet another episode of Ask Engadget? Considering that our omnipresent intern bots are recording your head nodding up and down this very moment, we'll just cut straight to Chad's question:

"After viewing the special edition bass for Rock Band: Beatles (and longing for a true lefty guitar), I noticed that no one has asked which aftermarket guitar for either (or both) game(s) works better than the standard -- especially for those of us who play like Hendrix. So I put it to you, which is the best RB or GH axe out there with price being no issue?"

First off, big ups to the fellow southpaws out there. Secondly, which third-party axe really is the best to rock out with? Don't be afraid to place your modded Squier at the top of the charts, either.

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