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Earth Eternal beta draws nearer

William Dobson

Furry free-to-play MMO Earth Eternal has hit their fans with a newsletter, and they bring word that a beta phase of testing is not far away now. Even better, they are offering a way for people to get into their beta pre-selection pool. By signing up at the game's website and completing their Earth Eternal Spring 2009 Survey, you'll have a chance of being chosen to participate in the closed beta. The survey closes on the 25th of May, and no further entries will be taken after that point.

Website users can also earn community points by posting, taking part in polls, rating art and playing a mini-game called Shroomie's Search. There is a new Race Gallery featuring a staggering 22 playable animal and monster races, and each entry includes a "Creature Info" section revealing the background of said beasties. If this community ever has a get-together, there'll be one heck of a diverse cosplay gallery to show for it.

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