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Keepin' it real fake, part CCVII: NOKLA Batman Mobile phone gets all its signals crossed

Laura June

Look, in real life, we all know that Batman's car is called the Batmobile, NOT the Batman Mobile, and to be perfectly honest, we don't know why it ever seemed like a good idea to name a phone after an auto anyway, but then again: it does look rather... awesome. No, it doesn't look like the most comfortable phone, but as the Dark Knight himself would surely tell you, life is full of pain. This GSM bad mother's boasting a whole host of whack features, including an FM radio, and a "pixel high definition camera," plus "basic functions," but we all know this one's purely about style -- which it's got to spare. This bad boy seems to be currently available in China, and while we doubt we'll ever see it on shores of the U.S., we can tell you this: we'd be willing to pay at least twenty-five dollars to add this to our NOKLA collection. There are a few more stunners after the break.

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